Content Must Not Suck (And more about NYC)

I keep starting to write and not making it past the title. I’m grateful for this writing outlet but I’m terrified I’ll bore you all to tears! I’m not sure who you all are or why I’m afraid to upset you so, today I’ll keep going.

Thursday I attended the first ever Women in Construction Empower Series put on by Procore. This event was the driving force behind my trip to NYC. (Thank you, Dani!) The conference was beautifully structured, informative (Did you know women make up about 57% of the workforce but only 9% of the construction industry?!) and chock full of truly inspirational women who dedicate their lives to shattering glass ceilings and lifting up other women. Special thanks to Nancy Novak, Uta Pape, Alexis Capozzi, Danielle Edberg, and the many other women who took time to chat with me directly.


Post-conference, Dani and I were able to tour a couple of Cocozza Group’s construction sites in Manhatten. As I was very busy geeking out, I forgot to take even a single picture. Whoops! I’ve messaged my connection there asking for permission to tell you about the sites we toured.



Later that night we ate pizza near Penn station made by this guy who, after a few drinks, looks just like Mario!20171012_223710_1507910298453









Friday evening was full of jazz music at Fat Cat and rolling laughter sponsored by The Comic Strip Live. If you get the chance, The Comic Strip Live is a must! Shout out to Vic Henley (an outstanding comic and all around great guy) for getting us in, and to the delightful staff and bartenders for making it an unforgettable evening.


Saturday, with achy feet and a pounding head, I made my way to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I spent seven and a half hours staring into the eyes of ancient figures. Previous trips full of museums and cathedrals taught me not to photograph everything in sight. Instead, I picked a theme and stuck with it: Ancient Beauty. I also threw in a selfie, just for kicks.

Kelly, a wonderful woman I connected with through the Girls Love Travel Facebook group, was also soloing NYC and suggested a late dinner with some Broadway-style entertainment. Below the pictures from The Met, you’ll find a couple photos from Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Another must see if you’re near Times Square!

What are your favorite NYC experiences? If you’ve made it this far and enjoyed the content, feel free to reach out via e-mail: or comment below.

2017-10-15 11.53.24 1626238892033987172_1403715767                   2017-10-15 11.46.06 1626235215684622718_14037157672017-10-15 11.44.22 1626234346641753777_14037157672017-10-15 11.41.53 1626233094507631795_14037157672017-10-15 11.36.12 1626230237146601972_14037157672017-10-15 11.39.34 1626231931125174238_1403715767

2017-10-15 11.51.37 1626237991575838862_1403715767 (2)2017-10-15 11.52.31 1626238442782309434_1403715767

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